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Thanks Sir. 3 sleepless nights and thanks to you and team for being on standby.. another life saved by God’s grace from deadly COVID-19!

Treating Doctor Kinshasa 2020

We have been blown away by the service and peace of mind offered by Aeroworx. They offer truly personal and caring, world-class evacuation coverage that has been an incredible blessing to our family. We can't recommend them highly enough.


Good evening Graham, Now I want to personally thank you for all of your patience with myself, getting a bit emotional and on a bit of a morphine buzz. And especially your patience with my family as I'm sure they have thousands of questions, but I'm sure they also tried, well they were definitely just trying to help. I know them they are over-eager and get super excited over everything - so thanks for your patience with that. And thanks for making this happen - I truly appreciate it. I will thank the crew tomorrow on the aeroplane personally for going through the risk of coming to collect me, and going into 14 day quarantine. It means a lot to me that people that don't even know me are willing to do that for me, so I will thank them tomorrow on the plane myself. Thanks once again for everything you guys have done and hopefully see you guys - I'll never need this again - but hopefully see you in a more friendly environment.

Graham I just want to take the time to thank you personally on this group, where there's a lot of people involved, ‘cause as soon as I've arrived in SA, I've only been hearing good stuff. People have been asking me (some of the ambulance drivers, nurses in the ambulances, and on the plane and at the hospitals) people saying "who is your insurance ‘cause These guys don’t play if there was a payment that needed to be made or approved, it was done immediately without hesitation, so thanks for that I really do appreciate it. And I'm sure that that made life a lot easier as well. Thanks for your time and your patience with everybody.

FrancoisPatient, 2020

"We thank God for being with us throughout this entire episode. The situation could have been so much worse, but a number of factors really enabled us to come through this event with a lot of peace. Firstly, we had plan in place if ever the need arose for an evacuation, and I’m happy to say that the plan worked! That foresight alone removed a huge amount of the stress and danger that could have come from this."

"Secondly, we’ve been blown away by the level of care, attention and professionalism shown to us by our insurance company- they have been worth their weight in gold, and I will definitely not be questioning the value of our policy while paying our monthly premium any time soon!"

David, Fiona, Faith, Ivy & Baby girl2019

I am absolutely amazed at the incredible service we have received from Aeroworx. They have far exceeded my expectations. I feel safe and secure in knowing that my family, friends and colleagues are covered by Aeroworx. Sincere thanks for the excellent service.

Dominique - Ferris InternationalPatient, 2019

Thanks I'll tell everyone I can about this. You are an awesome company and I am so blessed to have you in my team


The service is always prompt.

Lucas - Healthshare South Africa(Pty) Ltd, on behalf of Ministry of Health Mozambique and ZambiaPatient, 2020